Project MompreneurCONNECT

Erasmus+ project "MompreneurCONNECT: Building Bridges and Bridging Gaps for Sustainable Growth"

The general objective is to reduce the economic and social disadvantage of women through entrepreneurship, which is in
line with the broader objectives of promoting inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunities and, further afield, supporting
overall well-being and employment, economic growth, and sustainability.
The specific objectives of this project are the following:
1) Identify the main barriers women face in (international)
entrepreneurship and propose solutions to overcome them;
2) identify the main obstacles they face in setting up their own
businesses and in entrepreneurship;
3) supporting women to overcome these barriers and obstacles;
4) create opportunities
for networking, mentoring and training tailored to the needs of women entrepreneurs;
5) promote cooperation and
networking between Estonian and Romanian women entrepreneurs;
6) to learn from the experience of the partners in the
project and to implement measures to achieve the objectives in the cooperation between the two countries.


Conference on women entrepreneurship in Estonia
Conference for conscious female entrepreneurs “Conscious entrepreneurship”
June 27-28. June 2024 in Tartu, at Alexela Loomelava
Conference on women entrepreneurship in Romania
Conference on women
entrepreneurship in Romania


Estonian partner
Social and Health Department of the Tartu City Government
 Romanian partner

There is power in cooperation

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ program. Project “MompreneurCONNECT: Building Bridges and Bridging Gaps for Sustainable Growth”